Corum Corporation has provided business and application development services to customers for nearly 25 years. The depth of our experience allows us to see technology as it applies to your business. We innovate by exploring new and emerging technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future of cutting-edge business solutions.

Application Development Lab

Corum Corporation is an leader in mobilizing business solutions. Our development lab began moving back office data to mobile devices in 2001. This was well before the current mobile device application movement. We were able to be such innovators in this field due to the vision and direction of our Application Development Lab. If you have a business app that needs to be moved to mobile devices or a concept for a mobile application that will make your business more productive, then our Applciation Development Lab has the prople and tools you need. Our bredth of knowledge spans from Applie iOS, Android OS, BlackBerry OS and todays Web 2.0.

CRM Customizations

The Corum Corporation Professional Services Group provides complete certified consultants who can translate specific business requirements into your CRM application. Based on their extensive knowledge of CRM, the consulting team provides expert assistance in the areas of business process mapping, application customization, and user interface design. We ensure that customers can achieve business benefits through our methodology of process design, prototyping, testing, and deployment. 

Data Cleanup & Integration

Your organization has compiled years of information about your customers. There is no need to leave this data behind when implementing a new Business Solution. Our Professional Services Group can assist you in migrating your existing data to your new system.


Through customized training and user documentation, Corum Corporation can transfer critical application knowledge to administrators and end users alike.

Whether you prefer instructions on-site, via web, via telephone, or at our own resource centre, Corum Corporation is there to provide you the resources you need to successfully train your staff. 

Corum Corporation offers comprehensive user training tailored to meet the demands of each application, as well as advanced instruction for the specialized needs of system administrators.