Sage SalesLogix, the mid market CRM leader with more than 300,000 users at over 7200 companies worldwide, is part of the Sage Software family of integrated business management solutions.

Sage SalesLogix is the customer relationship management solution that allows organizations to cultivate profitable customer relationships by increasing both sales and marketing performance, and maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Designed to meet the distinct needs of your business, Sage SalesLogix delivers integrated Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support automation solutions that adapt to your unique customer acquisition, retention and development processes.

Sage SalesLogix provides a complete CRM solution with low cost ownership, rapid time to productivity, and high return on investment. Flexible and easy to use, Sage Saleslogix readily accommodates growth and changing business requirements.

Sage SalesLogix Sales

Increase productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle, maximize team selling effectiveness with advanced sales tools and make informed decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline.

• Account and Contact Management

• Opportunity Management

• Real-time, Interactive Dashboards

• Calendar and Activity Management

• Advanced Outlook Integration

• Sales Process Automation

• Sales Forecasting and Reporting

• Lookups and Groups

• Customer Communications/Mail Merge

• Competitor Tracking

• Literature Fulfillment

• Reference Library

• Territory Realignment

• Integrated Marketing

• Customer Service, and Support

• Back-Office Integration

• Business Alerts/Notification

• Windows, Web, and Wireless

Sage SalesLogix Marketing

Identify and target the most profitable prospects, manage and track all aspects of campaigns in one place, and analyze campaign ROI to increase marketing efficiency.

• Campaign Management

• Segmentation & Groups

• Lead Management

• Web Lead Capture

• Lead Qualification

• Workflow Automation

• E-Mail Marketing

• Campaign Response Tracking

• Campaign Task Management

• Budget & Revenue Tracking

• Campaign Reporting (ROI)

• Marketing Resource Library

• Windows & Web Access

Sage SalesLogix Customer Service

Resolve customer questions, issues, and requests quickly for a high-quality customer experience, capitalize on new selling opportunities, and provide convenient self-service solutions to customers.

• Ticket Management

• Service Contract Management

• SpeedSearch/Knowledge Base

• Advanced Outlook Integration

• Lookups and Groups

• Activities and Communications

• Reporting, Notification and Alerts

• Web Customer Portal

• Back-Office Integration

• Integrated CRM Benefits

• Configuration and Workflow

Sage SalesLogix Support

Provide resolutions to issues effectively and efficiently, reduce the time and resources it takes to support your customers, and extend service delivery through 24×7 self-service solutions.

• Account and Contact Management

• Ticket Management

• Service Contract Management bullet.png SpeedSearch/Knowledge Base

• Defect Tracking, Returns

• Standard Problems and Resolutions

• Calendar and Activity Management

• Asset Management

• Sales and Support Integration

• Reporting, Lookups and Groups

• Notification and Alerts

• Web Customer Portal

Sage SalesLogix Mobile

Sage SalesLogix Mobile extends CRM capabilities to both Pocket PC and Blackberry devices, delivering rich functionality and the realtime convenience of wireless.

• Account and Contact Management

• Calendar and Activity Management

• Opportunity Management

• Ticket Management

• Lookups and Groups

• One-Click Dialing

• Handwriting Recognition

• Pocket Outlook Integration

• Multiple Synchronization Options

Sage SalesLogix Pivot Reporter

Sage SalesLogix Pivot Reporter extends the reporting capabilities in Sage SalesLogix for rapid analysis of customer data and operational performance.

• Sales Pipeline & Forecast Reports

• Marketing Campaign Reports

• Service & Support Metrics

• Custom ‘Pivot-Style’ Reports

• Sample Report Templates

• Drag & Drop User Interface

• One-Click Export to Excel

• Advanced Security

Sage SalesLogix Knowledge Sync

Stay informed of all critical business opportunities. Set and monitor key business criteria, then receive automatic alerts when conditions are met. Add Integrated Service Alerts for pro-active notification of critical customer support issues.

• Business Alerts: Sage SalesLogix BusinessAlerts allows you to actively notify employees, management, business partners or customers of critical, time-sensitive business information via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cell phone and/or Web browser — automatically

• Email Response: With Sage SalesLogix E-mail Response, when a prospect requests information on your company Web site, a contact record is automatically created in Sage SalesLogix.

• Integrated Service Alerts: Integrated Service Alerts E-mail Response analyzes customers’ messages, then creates and assigns service or support tickets automatically, eliminating duplicate entry and saving valuable time